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Photographic report of an incident
with an unidentified 301 sqn Apache
on 13-01-2006 at Gilze-Rijen (EHGR)
0 Map to show the situation where the action in the next pictures takes place. North is on the right. (Map copied from MS-Flight Simulator 2004.)
1 Five Apaches are parked outside on the 301 sqn platform. Two of them are starting up.
2 One of the Apaches with the engines started.
3 Chinook D-102 is also on the platform and has its engines started.
4 D-102 turns and taxies across the ramp to intersection K, following the two Apaches for a combined mission.
5 The first Apache awaits clearance to enter the runway.
6 While the first Apache enters the runway, the pilot of the second one suddenly shuts down his engines..
7 The Chinook lifts off from the taxiway and passes behind the second Apache onto the grass.
8 The crew of the second Apache opens the cockpit on the starboard side. Apparently they have had a fire warning and did send out a fire alarm.
9 The first Apache vacates the runway to intersection L. In the meantime the Chinook makes a 180% left turn to park alongside the runway in the grass.
10 This picture is to confirm that the serial of the first one is Q-24. Note the yellow centaur of 301 sqn.
11 Q-24 enters intersection L.
12 Q-24 keeps hovering over intersection L.
13 A crash tender arrives in front of the second, unidentified, Apache.
14 When the crash tender passes the Apache and turns behind it, both crew members have already left the helicopter.
15 While a fireman inspects the situation and another one rolls out a fire-hose, the crew members stay clear from the Apache.
16 From the far end of the runway fire-van 852 and a second crash tender arrive in a hurry, passing the Chinook.
17 The drivers don't turn off at intersection K, but proceed to intersection L. The Apache crew has disappeared behind the first crash tender.
18 At intersection L both vehicles have to stop because Q-24 is hovering there in front of them. Apparently they make radio contact with the pilot.
19 Q-24 leaves the intersection onto the grass on its left side to free the way for the vehicles.
20 The crash tender pulls up, leaving a big cloud of smoke.
21 After both vehicles have passed Q-24, they drive across the platform in front of the hangars and along the taxiway to the unlucky Apache.
22 The pilot of Q-24 steers back to intersection L and lands on the asphalt.
23 The crew of Q-24 waits pending a decision on further action.
24 The firemen are still deliberating on the situation.
25 It looks as if a decision has been taken to carry-on with the mission without the second Apache, since the pilots of both Q-24 and D-102 open the throttles.
26 Q-24 lifts off and turns 180%.
27 Q-24 hovers back to the runway.
28 This picture was meant to confirm the serial of Q-24 from the port side, but the numbers are hidden behind one of the rotor blades.
29 While Q-24 proceeds to the runway, a fire-truck with a trailer arrives at the scene.
30 When Q-24 nears the runway the Chinook also takes off.
31 After Q-24 has turned into a southeasterly direction (to Oirschot?), she is followed by
32 An ambulance arrives on the scene along the taxiway (on the right).
33 The engines of one of the three remaining Apaches on the platform are started up, apparently as a replacement for the one that broke down.
34 The pilot taxies the third Apache free from the other two.
35 The third, also unidentified, Apache takes off directly from the platform. In the background the second crash tender returns to its position at the far end of the runway.
36 The third Apache leaves the airfield in the same direction as the first one and the Chinook.
I would be very pleased when someone could tell me the identity of the second and third Apache.

All photos © Ad Vercruijsse
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